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Customize your Own Bible Toolbox (help)

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Add a ...
Click on a category and the list of tools will appear in the menu below

Tools in that Category
Click on one of the tools or dividers below to add it to your list of tools. To change categories click on one of the links above

Your Custom List
This is a list of all the tools you presently have selected. You can change the order of them by clicking the 'Remove' button then adding them from the menu on the left in the order you want

Here is a sample toolbox that you can test to see how you like it

Bible Toolbox





The purpose of this program is to allow you to make your own customized Bible tool that you can add to your web site. You can save it to your harddrive and set this as the first page that opens when you start your Internet program so your all ready to do Bible Study. Or you can make it an Active Page on your windows Desktop so it is always there on your computer ready to look up a verse or topic for you. My only hope is that it will help people study the Bible better.

Getting Started

The first column "Add a..." is a list of all the Bible Study Tool categories we have (we have over 200 tools so we thought it best to organize it a bit). If you click on Bible Versions (English) for instance the second column will list all the English versions we have right now. It makes more sense when you see it happen. Just click any of the links in the first column and watch what happens, don't worry you can't hurt anything.

Picking a Tool

In the second column is a list of all the tools available for the category you picked in column 1. All you have to do is click on a tool and it will move over to your list of tools. Go ahead and click on a few and see what happens (you can always remove them later)

Organizing your Tools

Now you have some tools (they should be in the 3rd column - "Your Custom List"). You can sort them by clicking on a tool (that highlights it). Then press up or down. You can remove a tool by pressing "Remove Item".

Tip: You can select more than one tool from the 3rd column (sorry only the 3rd column) by holding down CTRL and then clicking on the tools you want (If you hold down SHIFT it will do a range of Tools). Then you can move or remove them together.

Testing your Tools

There is a little mini-Toolbox on the screen in the area called "Test". If you want to see what your tools like like then all you have to do is pick your tool and press "Search". It will then find that tool on the web for you and lookup John 3:16. This will help you to see what the individual tools look like. If you want you can enter a different Bible verse, just erase John 3:16 from the textbox and type in the verse you want. Or you might want to type in a topic like "love" and see what a topical study looks like (Don't worry it figures out if it is a topic or verse and shows what is available).

Saving your Tools

Once you have all the tools you want just press the button labelled "Save" and it will show you the code you need to make that toolbox. Just copy and paste it into a text editor like Notepad and save it with the extension .htm and you have a web page.